Roof Repair

Regular roof repairs not only keep your family, home and business safe, but they can save you a lot of money down the track.

At AGC Roof Maintenance, we are specialists in all types of roof repairs and maintenance, including tile, slates and metal roofing. Established since 1984, and with over 30 years experience maintaining, restoring and repairing roofs throughout Sydney.

Some of the common issues we regularly deal with are:

  • cracked, displaced or broken roof tiles and slates
  • cracked or broken cement pointing and ridge capping
  • gutter renewal and replacement
  • blocked gutters and downpipes
  • valley and flashing replacement

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, why not call AGC today to organize an inspection of your roof. Let us inspect and asses your roof and see if there is any existing damage that can be repaired before it becomes a bigger problem.

If you are in need of some more major repairs to your roof, never fear! There is no job too big or small for AGC Roof Maintenance. We will work with you to ensure that all of your roof repair needs are taken care of to the very last detail.

AGC Roof Maintenance can assist with repairs of:

  • guttering, downpipes and stormwater/drainage
  • tiles and slates
  • metal roofing
  • valleys and flashings
  • skylights
  • leak and water ingress detection.

Managing asbestos risks / asbestos removal

Managing the risks associated with asbestos involves:

  • identifying asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) at the workplace and recording this in the asbestos register
  • developing and maintaining an asbestos management plan
  • ensure all workers get the appropriate training
  • assessing the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos
  • eliminating or minimising the risks by implementing control measures
  • reviewing control measures to ensure they are effective

What is an Asbestos register?

An asbestos register must be developed and kept at the workplace/property. This must be maintained at all times to ensure up to date information about asbestos is recorded and readily accessible to workers, health and safety reprersentatives, other persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU the new term that includes employer, this can include many residential strata buildings) and workcover. The PCBU is to ensure that the register records all identified asbestos and asbestos that is or is likely to be present at the workplace/property from time to time, including the date, location, type and condition of the asbestos.

What is an Asbestos management plan?

An asbestos management plan must be developed where asbestos has been identified or is likely to be present at the workplace/property. The asbestos management plan is to be readily accessible to workers, health and safety representatives, other PCBUs and Workcover. The asbestos management plan must include:

  • the identification of asbestos or ACM
  • decisions and reasons for decisions about the management of asbestos
  • procedures for dealing with incidents or emergencies
  • workers carrying out work involving asbestos

The management plan is to be reviewed when there is a:

  • change in the control measure
  • if the asbestos is disturbed or removed
  • when the plan is no longer adequate
  • when a health and safety representative requests a review
  • or at least every five years

The dangers of dealing with asbestos in your home or business are well known and documented. Why not get the professionals in to manage, or better still avoid exposure to a potential asbestos hazard and remove it all together from your environment. 


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