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AGC Roof Maintenance has dedicated teams of heritage and traditional roof restoration specialists with over 30 years experience in Australia and the UK. Working with traditional materials such as slate, terracotta and timber shingles, copper and sheet lead, on buildings of historical significance and homes within heritage and listed conservation areas. Our clients include churches, architects, government departments, trusts, and private owners. 


A roof made from Colorbond steel makes perfect sense. Strong, secure and energy smart, it looks great and delivers outstanding, long life performance. And with 20 designer colours in the standard range, you can choose a roof colour that sets the theme for your entire home, or compliments your other building material choices. In particular you can 'mix and match' colours with your fascia, guttering and downpipes made from Colorbond steel.

How is Colorbond steel made?

Colorbond steel combines the best of modern steel making technologies developed over decades.

The process starts with a Zincalume steel base, Zincalume steel has a zinc/aluminium alloy coating that delivers outstanding anti-corrosion performance. A conversion layer is applied to the surface of the steel to improve adhesion, followed by a polyester primer baked onto the surface. Finally a specially developed, exterior grade top coat paint is baked on to ensure maximum resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking.

Colorbond steel is made using Super Polyester coating technology, ensuring the paint retains its "as new" look for longer.  

Why choose a Colorbond Steel roof?

1. Made for Australian conditions:

Colorbond steel has undergone rigorous testing for over 40 years in some of our countries harshest climate conditions. So whether your roof, cladding, gutters, or downpipes are made from Colorbond steel, you can be sure its great Aussie look will last.

2. A wide range of colours to mix and match:

From light to dark, delicate to deep, elegant to lively, the standard Colorbond range includes 20 beautiful colours inspired by nature. This gives you the scope to achieve the look you want to suit your house style and the surroundings.

3. Thermal efficency for year- round comfort:

Colorbond steel cools down fast when the sun sets, so less heat is radiated into your home. In winter the same roof, combined with insulation, helps keep the warmth in.. Also every colour in the standard Colorbond range features Thermatech solar reflectance technology to reflect more of the sun's heat in summer. So your home is more energy efficient and can help reduce your cooling and energy costs.    


Are you building your dream home from scratch, or extending?. Perhaps it's time to re-roof and you want it to perfectly compliment your home style. From it's function to protect against the elements to taking centre stage as a home's defining feature, the roof is an opportunity to top off your most important asset. The roof is usually the single largest surface area of a house, so it deserves careful thought to ensure the material selected provides the best performance and visual effect for your home. There is an extensive range of terracotta and concrete tiles manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, offering a solution to suit almost any style of home.

Why choose a terracotta/concrete tile roof?

1. Long lasting:

With a 50 year performance guarantee roof tiles are built to last, the Australian experience indicates that the performance of tiles will continue for periods in excess of this.

2. Thermal performance:

Roof tiles can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter. Thermal lag in tiles results in advantageous insulation properties to help manage heat transmission, in addition to consideration such as sarking, tile colour and overall solar design.

3. Fire resistance:

Terracotta and concrete roof tiles are non-combustible materials and proven performers in the face of fire, providing superior protection from radient heat from bushfires.

4. Acoustic performance:

The density of tiles helps reduce external sound, such as aircraft and road noise and particularly rain and hail, a tiled roof has a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels. 

5. Salt safe and Rainwater tank safety:

Roof tiles are salt safe making them suitable for any location including coastal areas. Have peace of mind collecting water from tiled roofs, as it will be compliant with World Health Organisation standards for drinking. Water collected on roof tiles is non-toxic and safe to reuse.         

Give your home or business the lift it needs by letting AGC Roof Maintenance restore your roof. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on AGC to deliver a quality roof restoration.

Contact AGC Roof Maintenance today to organize a free quote. One of our dedicated AGC team members will meet with you to inspect your roof,  we will then discuss your restoration options and provide you with before photos and a detailed quote that best suits your individual needs.


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